How to Prepare For an Eye Exam

How to Prepare For an Eye Exam

Vision problems that can surprise people regardless of age. Eye strain, sudden eye injury, and blurry vision are common causes that make people schedule an eye exam appointment. In reality, it's best to visit an optometrist regularly for an eye and vision exam as part of overall preventive care. That's because many eye problems may have no obvious symptoms. At Wellington Eye Care in Wellington, CO, we understand that early treatment of eye problems is crucial in keeping your eyes healthy.

Here is some information about what an eye exam entails.

Your Health History is Assessed

Our eye doctor will start the exam by asking you about any eye or vision problems you're currently having. Don't be afraid to come prepared with a detailed synopsis of when your symptoms began, a history of any medications you're taking, and any other health issues you may be experiencing. In addition, our optometrist will ask you about any eye or vision problems that run in your family.

During the Eye Exam

A full exam at our optometry clinic includes a number of tests: a visual examination, peripheral vision test, eye muscle test, color vision test, depth perception test, and a standard evaluation of the eye. You'll likely be given drops in your eyes as part of the process.

After Your Eye Exam

After your exam, our eye doctor will reveal the results of your tests. If you have an eye problem, we’ll go over with you about your treatment options. If everything looks great, the discussion will be limited to preventive measures you can take to protect your eyes until your next exam.

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