Eye Disease Management from Wellington Eye Care

Eye Disease Management

If you have an eye condition, it can be important that you manage it properly. At Wellington Eye Care in Wellington, CO, we are here to help you treat and manage your eye condition. Here are some things you should keep in mind about eye disease management.  

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Go to Your Optometrist Regularly

If you have an eye disease, our eye doctor may want to see you on a regular basis. Our optometrist will perform the eye exams you need to make sure that your condition isn’t getting worse. If you put off or skip your appointments, then you might not be able to catch issues as quickly as you otherwise would. This can be very important, especially if you have a condition that might require surgery, like glaucoma. An eye surgeon needs to know that your body can handle the necessary surgery before performing LASIK or another procedure. Regular appointments will keep everyone on the care team aware of your condition.

Our eye doctor may also be able to help tell you if you are a good candidate for surgery by using an eye exam. LASIK can help treat conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and more but you have to be at least 18 years old to get the procedure done.

Follow Instructions

While appointments are necessary, you also have to do the work in between them. Make sure you follow all of the instructions your eye surgeon and optometrist give you. This might include medications, exercises, or certain restrictions. If you don’t follow their instructions, then you might not get the benefits of the treatments you’re receiving or you might develop complications. For instance, after LASIK, your surgeon will give you specific instructions on how to take care of your eyes as they recover. Your myopia treatment won’t be as successful if you ignore them.

Keep a Clean Environment

Your eyes are vulnerable to your environment. If you have an eye disease, cleanliness may be an important part of your eye disease management plan. Make sure that the places where you work and live are as free of dust and other allergens as possible. If allergies irritate your eyes, it can make conditions like cataracts or glaucoma worse. If your home is clean, you might have fewer problems managing your condition.

Stay Positive

Eye disease can be stressful. Your vision might be impacted and it can be difficult to think about what the future might bring. Do your best to stay positive as you go through your treatments. Some conditions, like nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, can be treated with LASIK and might not bother you again. Others, like diabetes or glaucoma, may have a long-term impact. Eye surgery can be scary, but it can help. Work with our eye doctor and do your best.

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Eye exams and eye surgery consultations (we do not offer eye surgery itself) are among the tools used to manage eye disease with us at Wellington Eye Care in Wellington, CO. Call our office to schedule your appointment. Call us at (970) 568-7161 for more information.


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