At Wellington Eye Care, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality eye care to our patients. We have the knowledge and experience to treat a variety of eye conditions. We serve Wellington, CO, and Fort Collins, CO, and our eye doctor provides eye disease management and care to their residents. Learn more about eye disease management below.

Eye Disease Management from Wellington Eye Care

Detecting Eye Disease

Many severe eye conditions do not have any initial symptoms. It is not usually until the disease is in the advanced stages that eye diseases are detected. Our optometrist recommends routine eye exams for patients of all ages to detect any eye concerns. We can screen you for diabetic eye conditions, glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration at our office. These tests are easy to perform, and we can get your conditions treated. Our staff will provide more information regarding the tests. 

Diagnosing Eye Disease

Our eye doctor offers comprehensive eye exams to detect any problems you might have. Once diagnosed, we can create a specific treatment plan for your condition. We will manage your symptoms to alleviate any pain and give you the most comfort. It's essential to stay on top of your eye health, especially if diagnosed with an eye disease such as one of many diabetic eye conditions. 

Treating Eye Disease

Many patients respond very well to treatment, but earlier detection is better. For example, glaucoma creates vision loss from elevated pressure in the eyes that compresses the optic nerve. Detecting glaucoma early reduces pressure and further damage to the optic nerve. Unfortunately, damage cannot be reversed. 

Cataracts are another common eye condition that is treatable at any stage. Other diseases like keratoconus and macular degeneration can be treated effectively to allow you to live your everyday life. 

Eye disease management can involve prescription medication or wearing special contacts or glasses. We offer many different choices to fit your lifestyle. We may also recommend a healthy lifestyle and diet to keep your conditions under control.

Contact Our Optometrist Office at Wellington Eye Care for Eye Disease Management 

Eye health is a critical component of overall well-being. Managing your eye diseases is essential to keep them from becoming more serious. Early detection and management are key pieces of eye disease management. At Wellington Eye Care, serving Wellington, CO, and Fort Colins, CO, we are here to assess your eye condition and provide you with comprehensive care and treatment. Contact our office to book your appointment and learn more about eye disease management. Call us at (970) 568-7161 today.

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