Services Offered by Our Eye Doctor

We treat patients with various vision and eye health issues at Wellington Eye Care in Wellington, CO. Our eye doctor, Dr. Eklund, has the training and experience to treat a diverse group of patients effectively. Read on to learn more about the services we offer at our clinic. 


Exams and Preventative Care

We have several exams and preventative care measures on our website. Although we provided a small exert of the details following these links.

  • Eye & Vision Exams - Our eye doctor, Dr. Eklund, can perform a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose vision or eye health problems.
  • Comprehensive Eye Care - Eye care starts with a comprehensive eye exam. However, Dr. Eklund can also treat various eye health problems.
  • Contact Lens Exams - We can examine your eyes to determine your needed contacts. Then, we will supply you with these contacts at our office.
  • Glaucoma Eye Care - Dr. Eklund can treat your glaucoma effectively using the latest treatment methods.

General Services

Additionally, we can assist with general issues, such as:

  • Eye Allergies - At our clinic, we can diagnose the cause of your eye allergies and help you avoid allergic reactions in the future.
  • Eye Irritation - We can diagnose the cause of your eye irritation and treat it before it damages your eyes.
  • Dry Eye - Dr. Eklund can treat your dry eye syndrome before it damages your eyes.

Disease Management and Treatment

Not only do we offer eye exams and preventative care, but we also handle complex diseases and treat them accordingly. A few of these diseases are listed below, along with the treatments that assist their healing process.

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Our eye doctor can treat macular degeneration with various effective treatment methods.
  • Eye Disease Management - If you have a chronic eye disease, we can work with other healthcare professionals to manage it.
  •  Cataract Treatment - If you have developed cataracts, come into our clinic, and we'll help you get the needed treatment.
  • Diabetic Eye Disease - Our eye doctor has extensive experience effectively treating patients with various diabetic eye conditions.
  • Computer Vision Treatment - Staring at computers all day can harm your eyes. Our eye doctor can treat you if your vision has suffered due to excessive computer usage.

Surgical and Emergency Procedures

If your condition is not caught in time, or a lasting disease deteriorates, there may be no other option than surgery. Additionally, emergency procedures may lead to surgery if a large object is lodged in the eye or worse.

  •  Emergency Eye Care - If you have an eye emergency, like a chemical burn, a foreign object in your eye, or eye trauma, come in for treatment from our eye doctor.
  • Eye Surgery - If you have a condition that requires eye surgery, Dr. Eklund can diagnose it and refer you to a leading ophthalmologist.
  • LASIK Eye Surgery - We can help you with pre and post operation LASIK processes.
  •  Vision Therapy Questions - Read our answers to patients' common questions about vision therapy.

Vision Correction

After finishing the exams and procedures, you may need a visual aid, such as contacts or glasses. Some may be temporary, while others may not, depending on the surgery performed.

  • Hard to Fit Contacts - We can help you find the right contacts, even if you've needed help getting contacts to fit in the past.
  • Contact Lenses - We carry an extensive line of high-quality contact lenses to suit all our patients.
  • Sports Vision - If you're an athlete, Dr. Eklund can help you improve your sports vision for enhanced performance.
  • Sunglasses - We even carry high-quality sunglasses at our practice.
  • Frames - Our clinic has a large selection of stylish and durable structures.
  • Work Safety Eyewear - We carry a line of work safety eyewear so that you can effectively protect your eyes when you are on the job.

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