Eye Irritation

Eye Irritation

Dry and irritated eyes can be difficult to deal with. It can cause painful, frustrating systems that get in the way of your everyday routine. Thankfully, our eye doctor at Wellington Eye Care can help you find relief. 

Eye Irritation

Common Causes of Eye Irritation

The causes of eye irritation aren't always obvious. If you're dealing with red, itchy, and watering eyes, these are some of the most common culprits:


If your eyes start to feel irritated when the weather changes, you may be dealing with seasonal allergies. Common allergens include pollen, pet dander, dust, and mold. Allergy medications can help manage these symptoms, as can eye drops. Using an air purifier indoors can also help to reduce your exposure to potential irritants. 

Foreign Objects

If a foreign object gets stuck in your eye, you'll feel it immediately. Even something as small as an eyelash can cause severe irritation. Thankfully, you can deal with this problem by flushing your eye out. However, it's vital to make an eye appointment right away if you continue to feel pain and irritation. Foreign objects could scratch your cornea and even damage your vision if they are not treated properly.

Dirty Contact Lenses 

Modern contact lenses are designed to be safe and comfortable to wear. However, if you're feeling irritation when you put in your contacts, there's a good chance that your lenses haven't been properly cleaned. Contacts should be cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized between each use. To minimize the risk of irritation, you may want to switch to wearing daily disposable lenses.

Eye Strain

Staring at a screen all day can take a toll on your eyes. If you work at a computer and notice that your eyes are feeling irritated, it's best to give your eyes a short break. Digital eye strain is a common problem with a range of solutions. Resting your eyes can usually relieve irritation. However, other options, like blue light glasses, can also help if you frequently use computers and other digital screens with ease. 

How an Eye Doctor Can Help

Our optometrist can diagnose the source of eye irritation and provide treatment recommendations. If eye irritation is a chronic issue for you, proper treatment can provide long-term relief.

In some cases, eye irritation can be a sign of an infection or a more serious problem, especially if it's accompanied by blurry vision. Don't hesitate to make an appointment if you're concerned about your eye health.

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