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Sunglasses do much more than simply reduce glare. They can also protect your eyes against some serious health problems. Unfortunately, you have to know that you're purchasing the right kind of sunglasses for these benefits, sunglasses that actually filter the full range of ultraviolet (UV) light. That's why you should always get your sunglasses from our optometrist at Wellington Eye Care in Wellington, CO. 


Sunglasses Can Help Save Your Eyes

You probably have firsthand knowledge of the discomfort and potential hazards of dazzling sunlight, both the light that hits your eyes directly, and the light that bounces up at you from water, road surfaces, sand, or snow. Even a moment of visual impairment can lead you into a dangerous situation.

The danger doesn't end there, either. In addition to visible light, the sun's rays also contain invisible UV radiation. This radiation is known to cause or contribute to serious health issues and might even rob your of your eyesight in time. For instance, cataracts, macular degeneration, and eye cancers have all been associated with UV rays. Skin cancers on and around the eyelids can also be caused by UV light. Even brief but intense UV exposure can cause a painful "burn" on your eyes (photokeratitis). Sunglasses that protect you against both visible glare and UV rays can spare you from these torments and allow you to go outdoors with confidence.

The Right Way to Select Your Sunglasses

You may have assumed that the darker the tint on a pair of sunglasses, the more protective power they offer. Unfortunately, this is only partly true. Darker lenses may do a better job of filtering glare, but that darkness has no impact on how much UV light your lenses are actually blocking. In fact, extra-dark sunglasses with insufficient UV protection can make you even more vulnerable to UV light damage by allowing your pupils to dilate further.

You won't have to worry about these hidden dangers when you buy your sunglasses at Wellington Eye Care. Our optometry clinic can provide prescription or non-prescription sunglasses in a variety of tints, as well as total UV light protection. You'll also love our wide range of designer frames and glare-busting polarized filter options.

Get Optometry Services from Our Eye Doctor

Don't waste your money and imperil your eyes by buying your sunglasses from just anywhere. Call Wellington Eye Care at (970) 568-7161 to ask about our high-quality sunglasses and vision exams in Wellington, CO. Our eye doctor is here to help your eyes get and stay health with our optometry services.

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