Emergency Eye Care

Regular eye exams once per year are an esential part of monitoring and maintaining your eye health. Even when you use preventative eye care, situations may arise when you need to see an eye doctor right away. In most cases, eye doctors provide an emergency number for such situations, so that you do not have to visit the emergency room.


Most people do not want to visit the emergency room for any reason, so it is helpful when an eye doctor is available. The most common sign that you should see your eye doctor immediately is if you are experiencing pain. Eye pain may be a symptom of a serious problem and should be addressed as soon as possible. If you live in Wellington, Fort Collins, or the surrounding area, and you are experiencing eye pain, contact our optometrist at Wellington Eye Care for fast treatment.

What Types of Conditions Count as Emergencies?

It may be surprising to learn that several conditions count as an emergency. One of the most common eye emergencies is due to an accident. If there has been any type of trauma to your eye due to an accident, you should have it looked at by a professional immediately. Other eye emergencies include foreign bodies in the eye or a chemical burn. A foreign body in your eye can cause abrasions to the cornea and should be removed by a professional. You should keep your eye closed, lightly bandaged, and seek medical help. Please note, removing the object on your own may be dangerous and cause more damage to your eye or vision.

If you have pain or redness of the eye, it could indicate that you have some type of infection, which requires help. A flash burn is something that happens when there is radiation damage to the cornea that is caused by ultraviolet light. This is common for welders but can happen to anyone. Flash burns can damage your cornea and should be treated right away.

Safety Eye Wear

If you are performing aa dangerous task that may injure your eyes, it is important to wear Z87 safety eyewear. This eyewear can protect your eyes from many different hazards at home or work. These types of glasses can have long term positive effects on your eye health and improve eye safety. 

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Our optometrist at Wellington Eye Care, Dr. Eklund, is dedicated to helping her patients protect and maintain their eye health with regular care and emergency eye care. We also offer telehealth appointments to provide a safe way for you to interact with an optometrist for all your eye health needs. If you would like to schedule an appointment at our office, call us today at (970) 568-7161.

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