Computer Vision

Computer Vision and Your Eyes

There have been many advancements in technology lately that have changed the way we live our lives and have caused newer health problems. The onset of computer vision is currently being studied, but there is a lot we already know about it. With so many people working from home and going back to school, computer vision is a growing concern that should be addressed. If you live in or around Fort Collins, CO, contact Wellington Eye Care to schedule an appointment with our optometrist.

The Symptoms of Computer Vision

This vision problem can give you burning in the eyes and make them achy. It can also cause eye strain and headaches. When people look at a screen for an extended period, their blink rate slows down which can cause dry eyes and blurry vision. You may also have fatigue, sore eyes, or soreness in your shoulders, neck, or back. These symptoms are the same whether the affected person is an adult working from home or a child who has gone back to school.

Pediatric Eye Care

If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms, it is probably time for a full eye exam. An eye exam with an eye doctor is the only way to diagnose computer vision so that a treatment plan can be created for your child. Pediatric eye care is important in these cases, as children can develop nearsightedness as a result of this condition. Be sure to watch for any symptoms that could mean your child is developing computer vision.

Blue Light

Most electronic devices with screens emit a blue light that can have many effects on the health of both children and adults. This light can disrupt your natural sleep patterns or even threaten your sight with serious conditions such as retinal detachment and age-related macular degeneration. It can be helpful to limit the screen time of children, especially in the late evening when they should be getting sleepy.

See Our Optometrist

If you are in or around Fort Collins and believe you or your child may be suffering from this eye condition, call us today at (970) 568-7161 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Eklund. Our eye doctor at Wellington Eye Care will provide a thorough examination and some advice on how to prevent computer vision from occurring.

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