Blue Light Lens for Children

Children get so much screen time that it can reset their sleep cycle and make it much harder for them to get to sleep. That is why so many parents are getting their children blue light glasses. These glasses can help to negate some of the effects of all that screen time. If you are interested in blue light glasses for your child, contact our optometrist at Wellington Eye Care. We provide eye care for Fort Collins, Wellington, and the surrounding communities.

What Do Blue Light Glasses Do?

Blue light glasses block some or all of the blue light that comes from electronic screens. Various wavelengths of light come from these screens, and blue light is the one that is known to cause harm. These lenses are made to filter out the blue wavelengths from the light. Blue light is known to be a disruptor of sleep patterns. It can also cause the body to not make melatonin when it is time for sleep. Having lenses that block this light can protect your child's sleep schedule.

Wearing Blue Light Blocking Lenses

These glasses can be worn anytime that your child is looking at the TV, phone, computer, or tablet at any time or at least for a few hours before bedtime. With so many children doing schoolwork from home, exposure to blue light is a danger now more than ever. Let us help you find a pair that your child enjoys wearing while protecting their vision.

Contact Our Optometrist at Wellington Eye Care

If you live in Wellington, Fort Collins, or the surrounding communities, and you are considering blue light blocking glasses for your child or yourself, call Wellington Eye Care today at (970) 568-7161.

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